Online Smooth Jazz Radio

Taken direct from    Sky.FM

To listen to free web radio  -  all you need is just a PC with media player.

To put Web radio onto your site you need 3 thinks:

1. Mozilla Firefox installed up-and-running.
2. Java Platform version 6 from:- (this works better in Firefox)  Is needed!.
3. The Java radio plugin from:-
(Not needed if you listen over my website)

And of course a Windows 2000/XP system with all the bits-and-pieces like sound card, and so on.............

This project is still under development so it is not perfect, but a working model. Because it loads the programs from 3 different servers, it does take a few moments to start. If you wish to use web radio, then download Winamp and look on the web for Shoutcast. You can listen to a lot of legal free music. I listen to Sky.FM, helps me to work, and I just love 'Smooth Cool Jazz', take a few moments and listen in.

Sit back, Relax, close your eyes...........................let the music get to you......................

The bandwidth needed must be over 130kb/s. Dropout is caused by to small bandwidth (slow DSL). The 'jlGui 3.0' on your task-bar is the radio, so to stop the radio just close this down, otherwise it will run perfect in the background. I can only supply one radio program at the moment on this project, this might alter in future. This software is all 'Open Source', so credit must be given to the author. No guarantee is given that this will work on your system, but I have tested on Win2000/2003/XP and it all worked well.

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